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Charlie has been a songwriter since his teens, but really began to get serious about it in the mid-90's.  As entertainers, we perform mainly classic country songs and oldies, both with our band and as a duo. But there are always a few originals mixed in.  Check out a few of our best!

Charlie Ray, Linda Washington, Hoseman's Center, Apple Valley

These are from our 1st CD, "Let It Burn."   Charlie claims "Lemme Play Guitar!" as the first (and hopefully only) hillbilly rap song.

Let It Burn.mp3

Lemme Play Guitar!.mp3

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More from "Suburban Legend."  Charlie wrote "Let's Talk About Us" especially for Linda to sing.  When she read the lyrics she wasn't sure it was a compliment! 

Roses In The Fire.mp3

Let's Talk About Us.mp3

Charlie Ray & Linda Washington, country music performaers and entertainers
Charlie Ray & Linda Washington
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These four songs are all from our latest CD "Plain As Dirt." Just click the cover to preview all the songs

Last Night In Memphis.mp3

The Man Who Made The Rain.mp3

Silver Moon.mp3

Giving Up The Ghost.mp3

Country Music, Hesperia Park

These are from our second CD, "Suburban Legend."  Click the cover picture to preview the whole CD.

Wayward Angel.mp3

My Favorite Word For Broken Heart (Is You).mp3

These Four Walls.mp3

Unsafe Heart.mp3

Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley

This song is about one of Charlie's musical heroes, the late singer and songwriter Gram Parsons

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